Old World Sausage Making with Chef Mark Elia

Welcome to the Art of Old World Sausage Making!

In our unique hands-on class, you will be taught, in detail, how to perform and understand all of the following, but not limited to:

- Selection of meat
- Fat to lean ratio
- Spice blending
- Mixing and blending technique
- Selection, handling, and storage of sausage casing
- Stuffing techniques 

Other points of Interest that will be covered:

- Binding Agents
- Oxidation and Spoilage
- Shelf life
- Natural Nitrites vs. Manufactured  Nitrites  

- Chemical additives, natural preservatives
- Cleaning and caring for equipment
- Safe working temperatures

Enrolled members will be able to choose from the following:
- Sweet Italian
- Hot Italian
- Parmesan & Garlic
- 3 Cheese and Parsley, Pork

- 3 Cheese and Parsley, Chicken

- Pepper & Onion
- Breakfast Sausage-

-Maple Breakfast SausageSausage

- Broccoli Rabe & Parmesan Cheese
- Bratwurst
- Bratwurst with cheddar

January 13, 2018  

JANUARY 27,2018

February 10, 2018.

February 24, 2018.   

Call for later dates.  845-691-9312

Send us an email and we will forward the application   HVSC1685@gmail.com